Thesis word challenge

To keep things interesting throughout the writing of my thesis, I challenged my facebook friends to create a list of unusual words which I have to squeeze in somewhere. This is that list, and my progress to date..

Word Contributor Chapter Context used
Floccinaucinihilipilification Patrick
Honorificabilitudinitatibus Patrick
Obscenities Wiggles
Atrocious Preeta
Phlegmatic Preeta
Retromingent Nesbitt
Trombone Higgs
Gobbledygook Carmen
Banausic Ben
Turgid Ben
Cheeky devils! Jeff
Flaccid Croney
Parsimonious Tom
Eponymous Peter
Exsanguinate Coveny
Dragon Chrissy
Farfegnugen Pierre
Amazeballs Rob
Chafe Rob
Velociraptor Ellie
Onus Daren
Frisbee Ed