Cambridge Kitchen Comments

Kitchen Comments

My college, Trinity Hall, was recently in need of a new system to allow students and staff to comment on Hall food. As I couldn’t find anything that specifically met our need, I put together a standalone package.

It’s written in PHP and mySQL, and uses the excellent

jQuery UI and jQuery Validate plugin.


  • Require Cambridge login using Raven
  • Comments require moderation
    • SCR, MCR and JCR each have their own moderators. These can be updated through the web interface.
  • Once moderated, kitchen staff are e-mailed about the comment, and can reply
    • Kitchen staff are also listed by CRSID and do not see commenting interface
  • Original commenter is e-mailed upon approval and reply
  • Users can also rate cafeteria food for quality and value using sliders
  • Moderators can delete comments, even after approval and reply
  • Users can delete their own comments, even after approval and reply
  • Optional lists of SCR, MCR and JCR members can be filled, and the system closed to anyone not on those lists.
    • These lists can also be updated through the web interface.

I have released the package with a GNU General Public License, meaning that anyone is free to use and modify the code as they need (though please leave the licence and credit in place). Cambridge colleges can easily use the system, hosted on the SRCF. Alternatively, you can download the comments package.