Bootstrap Carousel WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin to make choosing images and content for the Bootstrap Image Carousel easy. Available from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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I’ve been working in WordPress with Bootstrap as a back end for themes a lot lately. On a recent site I wanted a simple image slider couldn’t find anything that did what I wanted. So I did what any good WP developer should -

I wrote a plugin that did.

It should be noted at this point that there are already a couple of plugins that do similar things. WP Bootstrap Carousel uses the same carousel but does lots of clever things to do with displaying the featured images of recent posts. There are also quite a few tutorials explaining how to integrate the twitter bootstrap carousel into themes.

How CPT Bootstrap Carousel differs is in its administration. The CPT stands for ‘custom post type’, this is because once installed you get a new item on the WordPress admin menu called ‘Carousel’. Here you can add new items with a title and description and associated image (using WP Featured Image). This gives direct control over what goes into the carousel.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or install it within your WordPress install by searching for CPT Bootstrap Carousel.

If you’d like to contribute code to the plugin, it’s now also hosted on GitHub:

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As the plugin has continued to grow and gain users, many new features have been requested and added. Additionally, a number of people have directly helped by contributing code and help. A number of deserve mention for this, including (but not limited to) @reddo, @joshgerdes, @atnon, @grahamharper, @rchq, @oheijo, @smtk, @cla63 and @cookierebes.

The Serbo-Croation translation was kindly provided by Borisa Djuraskovic from